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Regula Pragensis is a non-profit, non-government organization of those who are in favor of creative playfulness, impressionability, openness and wisdom in a broad spectrum of human activities, from history, literature, a flight of a rooster, bleating of a sheep to philosophy and mythology. It has its own magazine, "Lázeňský host", one of the oldest samizdats in Bohemia.

Regula Pragensis funded a public library specialized in the Czech history, tradition, crafts and geography. Since 1992 it has been offering a Delivery Service of Original Czech Books. The whole profit of this service goes both to the library fund and the support of cultural and social activities. To many of those, who have used this service, belong the Cambridge University, the Yale University, the Wien University and others.

Here, you will find our latest catalogue of new original Czech books. The catalogue is regularly updated and represents a complex selection of works from different fields of human activity: history, philosophy, social sciences, linguistics and modern Czech literature. While selecting the titles, we have endeavored to highlight those that reflect specific Czech historical, political and literal themes as well as the Czech view of global processes and phenomenon as it has evolved through the centuries.

You can order any (or all) of here mentioned titles through our e-mail address or by a printed form to our address: Regula Pragensis, Hládkov 13, 160 12 Prague 6, Czech Republic. Please specify the number and the amount of the requested title. To see our older quarterly catalogues, please give us a note and we will be happy to send you any of them.



Further Conditions And Information:



  • If the worth of delivered books is more than:

$400.00 - 5 %, $800.00 - 10 %,



  • Prices shown in the catalogue have been calculated from the price given by the publisher. If this price changes in the future, there will be an adeqate change in our price as well.

Way of Payment:

  • We bill in USD, payment through bank account or by cheques.
  • You will pay after you get ordered books with our bill.


  • By ship, it takes cca 3 weeks around Europe, 4 weeks to the USA - the cheapest way
  • By airmail, cca 1 week.


safety envelopes and parcels

With our best regards

Richard Borovsky, Barbara Solnickova, Stepan Zbytovsky